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New personal site

My previous site was untouched for at least a year. It was built with Jigsaw from the lovely folks at Tighten and Tailwind CSS.

Although I loved it, I wanted a new one and started looking around for new tools to build it. I wanted to keep using a static site generator because it's so much faster to load and easier/cheaper to host.

This is the stack I ended up using:

Gridsome is such a joy to use. I consider Nuxt for a while but decided to go with Gridsome as it seemed simpler to use. It has some first class integrations with different CMS backends like Wordpress and Netlify CMS.

Tailwind has been my go to for building UIs since it was released. It makes designing nice looking websites and web apps so easy.

Netlify completely blew my mind away when it first launched. I've been using it ever since to host static sites and Vue CLI projects. It's so crazy that you can use such an amazing service for free.

This was my first time using Netlify CMS. Integrating it with Gridsome was very easy and straight forward. It brings all the power of a CMS to static sites which still blows my mind 🤯. I'd wanted to use it for a while now and I'm very glad I went with it for my personal site.

Anyway, I'm hoping that this new setup get's me back to writing again.