Working Remotely

Published in Life on Oct 9, 2020

While remote work itself is good, I've noticed three key things that make it even better.

Flexible Hours

Being able to work when you feel most productive is a game-changer. Don't feel productive right now? Step away, go for a walk, play a game, and come back later full of energy to get things done.

Uninterrupted time

It's impossible to get work done when you're frequently flooded with Slack messages or calls. Try to get 3-4 hours of uninterrupted work a day, and you'll see how much better your workday will be. All computers and phones usually have a "Do Not Disturb" mode; use it abundantly.

Get up more often

When I first started on my remote working adventure, I repeatedly locked myself in my office for 8 hours and just worked all day. Don't sit around at your desk, table, or wherever you're working from all day. Get up, go for a walk, and enjoy the day. Change your work-life balance, so you work to live, and you're not living to work.

Working remotely for me is all about having more time to enjoy life 😚